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Leo Awards – The Cultural Post

June 6th, 2010

The Cultural Post

Sunday, 6 June, 2010

Winners of the 12th Annual Leo Awards

To those of you who have been following the Leo Awards, the winners have been announced. The announcement was made over an event that lasted for two days (June 4-5, 2010). For those who don’t know, the Leo Awards aim to recognize outstanding achievements in the film and television industry of British Columbia, a Canadian province on the West Coast.

So, without further ado, here are the winners as revealed during the award ceremony held at the Westin Bayshore Hotel in Vancouver.

Category Award Recepient(s) Film or program
Feature film Best Direction Bruce Sweeney Excited
Best screenwriting Vic Sarin, Catherine Spear and Dennis Foon A Shine of Rainbows
Best Picture Editing Allan Lee and Peter Forslund Alice
Best Overall Sound David Cyr, Paul Sharp, Iain Pattison and Graeme Hughes Alice
Best Sound Editing Kirby Jinnah, Kris Fenske, Brian Campbell, Melody Drolet and Jay Cheetham Alice
Best Production Design Michael Joy, Mark Lane and Paolo Venturi Alice
Best Costume Design Monique Prudhomme The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Best Make-Up Todd Master, Nicolas Podbrey, Werner Pretorius, Maiko Gomyo, Vincent Yoshida and April Boyes The Thaw
Best Visual Effects Lee Wilson, Lisa Sepp-Wilson, Sebastien Bergeron, Simon Lacey and Les Quinn Alice
Dramatic Series Best Direction Brenton Spencer Sanctuary – Pavor Nocturnus
Best Screenwriting Brad Wright Stargate Universe – Light
Best Picture Editing Rick Martin Stargate Universe – Human
Best Production Design Bridget McGuire Sanctuary – Kali Part 2
Best Costume Design Christina McQuarrie Sanctuary – Pavor Nocturnus
Best Make-Up Todd Master, Holland Miller, Harlow Macfarlane, Werner Pretorius and Yukio Okajima Sanctuary – Fragments
Best Visual Effects Mark Savela, Shannon Gurney, Brenda Campbell, Craig Vandenbiggelaar and Krista Mclean Stargate Universe – Air
Short Drama Best Direction Ana Valine How Eunice Got Her Baby
Best Screenwriting Kelly-Ruth Mercier No Ones Knows You Like Your Mother
Best Picture Editing Hart Snider and Brendan Woollard Savage
Best Overall Sound Greg Hannas, Miguel Nunes, Roger Morris, Angelo Nicoloyannis and Greg Stewart The Gray Matter
Best Sound Editing Miguel Nunes, Roger Morris, Angelo Nicoloyannis and Greg Stewart The Gray Matter
Best Production Design Daren Luc Sasges and Ester Bovard The Gray Matter
Best Costume Design Jennifer Sharpe The Gray Matter
Best Make-Up Tina Louis Teoli Serum 1831
Documentary Program or Series Best direction Pete McCormack Facing Ali
Best screenwriting Catharine Parke Ice Pilots NWT – Transatlantic Crossing
Best Cinematography Ian Kerr Facing Ali
Best Picture Editing Jesse James Miller Facing Ali
Best Overall Sound Gael MacLean and Doug Paterson This Land
Best Sound Editing Vince Renaud and Jo Rossi Ice Pilots NWT – Suspension
Best Musical Score Dan Scorce Gagnon Wood If
Information or Lifestyle Series Direction Allan Harmon Wolf Canyon – Hairy Lawman
Cinematography Randal Platt Wolf Canyon – Hairy Lawman
Picture Editing Richard Scwadel Wolf Canyon – Hairy Lawman
Animation Program or Series Best Direction/Story Boarding Gary Scott and Russell Crispin League of Super Evil – One Zillion
Best Overall Sound James Fonnyadt, Miguel Nunes, Gord Hillier and Tony Gort Max Steel Versus The Mutant Menace
Best Musical Score Daniel Ingram Martha Speaks – Opera Contest/Maestro Martha
Youth or Children’s Program or Series Best Direction J.B. Sugar The Troop

Leo 2010 Award Winners, Directors

June 5th, 2010

Leo Awards 2010: Celebration Awards winners list


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By Craig Takeuchi, June 5, 2010

Here’s a list of the winner of awards given out at the Leo Celebration Awards on Friday, June 4.

The second set of awards, which include acting and best picture awards, as well as a red carpet, will be given out at the Gala Awards on Saturday, June 5.


Animation program or series
Johnny Darrell, Rob Hoegee, Steve Ball, League of Super Evil , “One Zillion”

Music, comedy, or variety program or series
Allan Harmon, Wolf Canyon , “Hairy Lawman”

Documentary program or series
Pete McCormack, Facing Ali

Information or lifestyle series
Jennifer Little, Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag , “Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking”

Youth or children’s program or series
J.B. Sugar, The Troop , “Wrath of the Wraith”

Short drama
Ana Valine, “How Eunice Got Her Baby”

Dramatic series
Brenton Spencer, Sanctuary , “Pavor Nocturnus”

Feature-length drama
Bruce Sweeney, Excited

A Look at the Female Eye Film Festival by Angela Combs

June 5th, 2010

Guest Post: A Look at the Female Eye Film Festival by Angela Combs

by Women & Hollywood on 06 ఏప్రిల్ 2010 ‌న 06:14 ‌క

The Eighth Annual Female Eye Film Festival took place in Toronto from March 24-28, 2010. This intimate festival, that is devoted exclusively to films directed by women, presented a unique opportunity to enjoy touching, gritty, complicated and sublime female film-making, and to spend quality time with an inspiring group of powerful, successful, and creative women with strong, vital voices.

The films presented a wide variety of themes that ultimately circled around the complicated process of forming healthy female identity amidst the cultural and societal challenges we all face. If there was a central theme to be found, it was that women have a lot to say and they will say it in a variety of ways. This resonates particularly in the year of the first female directed Oscar win, in an unexpected genre with a strong female eye.

My stand-outs from the festival included: “Mall Girls”, by Katarzyna Roslaniec, which examines the degenerating effects of capitalism and raunch-culture on the psyche of young girls in modern Poland. The film opens jarringly with a 13-year-old giving a blow job to a boy in the local mall in return for a pair of jeans.

Crackie” by Sherry White is a meditation on the repeating cycle of teen pregnancy and abuse in three generations of sexually exploited women, set among the bleak landfills and breathtaking seascapes of Newfoundland.

How Eunice Got Her Baby” by Ana Valine (winner, Best Short Film) is a poignant and stunning cinematic tale of how a wallflower girl ends up inheriting the love-child of her Bonnie-and-Clyde-esque wild-living sister who is shot in the heart by her outlaw lover.

16 to Life” by Becky Smith (winner, Best Foreign Feature) is a touching comedy about healthy sexual curiosity in a Middle American lakeside resort town, as lifelong best friends explore their options for the future and discover that their own divergent points of view are a powerful strength in their friendship.

I was delighted to receive the Best Debut Feature Award for my own film, “Nothing Special”, a coming of age tale about a young woman at a crucial turning point in her career and her relationship with her bipolar mother, played by the great Karen Black, who won Best Actress for her stunning performance.

Alongside the movie presentations, the Female Eye hosted a round of stimulating discussions in a variety of forums that were at once encouraging and sobering. Topics covered included the state of the market; career advancement; “female filmmakers and success”. In addition was a “Best In The Biz” tribute to the formidable Kit Redmond, CEO of RTR Media Inc, which examined the trajectory of a truly successful career on both a commercial and artistic level. The program concluded with a masterclass with Catherine Hardwicke (“Thirteen”, “Lords of Dogtown”, “Twilight”), who very generously invited us to explore her process, with encouraging exhortations to be forever diligent, prepared and pay unstinting attention to detail. The consensus among the panel discussions was that women must strive for excellence and accrue successes in exponential ratios to their male counterparts, in order to realize more financial backing and more artistic freedom in their careers. Nothing new there, since we’ve always had to do twice a much to be thought half as good.

Despite the facts, which clearly suggest that women are as skilled and profitable in their film making endeavors as their male counterparts, we still have a long way to go, baby. But, if energy and enthusiasm can be measured, I’m sure it was off the charts in Toronto, as the women involved brought an encouraging perspective to the discussion regarding the male dominated business of film making and the road more or less traveled.

Projects past, present and future…

May 25th, 2010

It’s been a saturated six months. Had a couple of video jobs on the Olympics; one was video content for the Bell tent and the other was editing two pieces for the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies (Terry Fox and Rick Hansen). I wasn’t able to be there but caught them on youtube. It’s interesting seeing one’s work on the big screen but this is huge, and in the round.

“How Eunice Got Her Baby” is out making the festival rounds still, gaining momentum and doing us proud.

“How Eunice Got Her Baby” Screenings, Nominations and Awards to date:

  • Premiere: Montreal World Film Festival, August 2009
  • Vancouver International Film Festival, Oct 2009
  • Yellowknife Film Festival, Feb 2010
  • Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto, March 2010

Award – Best Short Film

  • Broadcast – CBC Canadian Reflections, April 2010
  • Yorkton International Short Film Festival, May 2010

Nomination: Best Short Drama 

  • Leo Awards, Vancouver, May 2010<

Nomination: Best  Short Drama

Nomination: Best  Direction 

  • WorldWide Short Film Festival, Toronto, June 1 – 8,  2010
  • Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, June 25 – 28, 2010
  • Nickel Independent Film Festival, St Johns NFLD, June 22 – 26, 2010

I am also embarking on my first feature film, “Sitting on the Edge of Marlene”, a short story I optioned from very talented Vancouver writer Billie Livingston. Aiming to go into production early 2011

Eunice nominated at Yorkton

May 15th, 2010

How Eunice Got Her Baby was nominated for “Best Short Drama” at the Yorkton International Short Film Festival

FeFF Award Winners

March 31st, 2010


by Female Eye Film Festival on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at 10:56pm

For Immediate Release (Toronto, ON – March 31, 2010): The 8th Annual Female Eye Film Festival concluded on Sunday with unprecedented attendance and success. Celebrating women in film, the festival attracted notable talent from around the world including Twilight Director Catherine Hardwicke, Style Icon Carson Kressley, Screen legend Karen Black, actors Hallee Hirsh and Julia Garcia Combs, Oscar Nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo, as well as Canada’s own Wendy Crewson, and Kit Redmond. The Female Eye is a competitive festival that presents various awards to talented filmmakers and screenwriters.

The Festival held well-attended awards gala at sponsoring hotel, Novotel Toronto Centre, 45 The Esplanade on Sunday evening. The gala ceremonies welcomed filmmakers, screen writers, actors, industry guests and film fans.

The Female Eye Film Festival is proud to announce this year’s award recipients for their outstanding achievements:

The Female Eye thanks Willie Anicic, designer and sculpture of the Female Eye Award Statuettes.
2010 Female Eye Film Festival Honourary Director Award – Catherine Hardwicke (Texas, USA)
2010 Female Eye Maverick Award – Kit Redmond (Toronto, ON, CAN)
2010 Honourary Actress Award – Karen Black (USA)
2010 Honourary Award of Distinction for Best Experimental Films – Peggy Anne Berton (CAN)
Best of Show – A WAKE, Dir. Penelope Buitenhuis (BC, CAN) – Also the Recipient of Centennial College at Wallace Studios Production Award ($5000.00 Production Grant)
Best Debut Feature – NOTHING SPECIAL, Dir. Angela Garcia Combs (USA)
Best Foreign Feature Film – 16 TO LIFE, Dir. Becky Smith (USA)
Best Canadian Feature – BLACK FIELD, Dir. Danishka Esterhazy (Manitoba, CAN)
Best Documentary – LOVE AT THE TWILIGHT MOTEL, Dir. Alison Rose (CAN)
Best Experimental Drama – PAGES OF WINGS, Dir. Min Jeong Cha (Chicago, USA)
Best Short Film – HOW EUNICE GOT HER BABY, Dir. Ana Valine (Vancouver, BC, CAN)

Eunice Wins Best Short Film at FeFF, Toronto

March 22nd, 2010

FeFFAwards- Ana Valine: Best Short Film for "How Eunice Got Her Baby", presented by Gail Harvey, right.

How Eunice Got Her Baby has won ‘Best Short Film’ at the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto, Ontario!

Julia Garcia Combs - Ana Valine - Carol Whiteman - Deb Green

FeFF award winners

Straight review for Eunice

October 6th, 2009
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VIFF 2009: Notes from the party hardy circuit

By Craig Takeuchi, October 6, 2009

“Also notable… is Ana Valine‘s “How Eunice Got Her Baby”. Narrated by Gordon Pinsent (Away From Her), it’s an engaging adaptation of a short story by Nicholas Ruddock, about a self-destructive small-town gal who falls for the robber, that features strong performances from the cast.”

Eunice CFC Screening; Toronto and Vancouver

July 7th, 2009

A year in Toronto and six months on “How Eunice Got Her Baby” and, finally, the little film is set free. The CFC screenings in Toronto and Vancouver went very well. Eunice was up there with the four other shorts from my program mates and the general consensus was that it was one of the strongest years in many. I was incredibly proud to be up there with my peers; Steve Rosenberg, Shelagh Carter, Maxime Desmoines and Spencer Maybee. I’m very excited to see what we get up to next.

Big special thank yous to the creative and production teams that brought this film to life; Jordan Gross, Kristin Somborac, Linsey Stewart, Dane Clark and Kye Meechan. And great support from John Paizs, Greg Klymkiw, Kathryn Emslie.

“Eunice” has been submitted to several festivals worldwide so we’ll keep our fingers crossed and post the news as we hear it.

…still here

March 12th, 2009

It’s been a cold winter here in Toronto, though I hear the West has had its share too. Applied to the Short Dramatic Film Program here at the Canadian Film Centre and was accepted with a story called “How Eunice Got Her Baby”. This little film began life as a fabulous short story by Canadian author Nicholas Ruddock. He’s an amazing writer with a real sensitivity to spirit. That’s what drew me to the short story. He’s got a novel coming out this year as well – can’t wait to read it.

Two of my writing peers from last term, Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart wrote the “Eunice” adaptation and we just completed shooting on Feb 27th.

The fabulously talented Aaron Poole plays Darryl. He recently won the ACTRA award for his role in “This Beautiful City” and has been nominated for a Genie for the same role. Kate Corbett is Florence, she is also a force to be reckoned with. Vivien Endicott-Douglas is Eunice.  Such a privilege to watch these actors dive into the script.

Our rough cut screening was today and it went very well.  Lots to do still, but all in all, the response was very positive. Back in the trenches again tomorrow with Kye. Amazing editor.

Will write more as we get closer to the June screening in Toronto.

If you’re interested in seeing stills, our script supervisor was snapping away like the damn paparazzi: