Nightmare on Cambie Street

2007 / DigiBeta / 15 minutes

Progress. Economic Growth. Expansion. These are the reasons. Who pays the price? It’s an awkward fit in a neighbourhood of friendly Mom & Pop shops.

As the construction racket begins and the City’s plans go awry, the tunnel boring work is forced above ground and the mood turns black. Attempting to hold onto the optimism that things will work out for the best, the residents and shop owners watch helplessly as their favorite neighbourhood turns into a ghost town. Deserted and depleted, Cambie Street is dark now, even in the middle of the day.

And so our city changes and expands like a petri dish experiment, not always pretty and not always graceful. Welcome to the Canada Line construction zone.

“ unidentified foul-mouthed angry man whose rant gives Canadian comedian Rick Mercer a run for his money. As well, Valine successfully gives her 15-minute 'darkumentary,'...the look and feel of a B-movie horror by using Psycho-style music and creepy close ups”

Sandra Thomas, Vancouver Courier

“If anything deserves to be immortalized on film, it is the Canada Line construction on Cambie Street.”

Dan Haves, the Vancouver Sun


Writer/Director/Producer: Ana Valine

Sound Recording & Mix: Rylan Kerbes

Director of Photography: Stephen Maier

Editor: Ana Valine

Original Music: Ben Searles & Josh Searles