alice & bastard

2005 / 35mm colour / 18 minutes

Alice is the original latchkey kid, living in the late 1970’s in a trailer park somewhere outside of “nowhere”. Four -year old Alice and her much older brother Bastard find ways to cope with their single mother’s sexual relationship with the TV repairman. They escape their trailer park existence sharing camaraderie and freedom during car rides, but Alice is left to entertain herself when her brother attempts to alleviate his own loneliness at the local girlie bar.

“Trailer trash, a TV repairman, strip joints, and a four year-old girl who sees beyond the grime with an innocence that is at once blissfully free and devilishly pert.”

Steve Seid, Northwest Film and Video Festival

Screenings, Nominations, and Awards to date

  • Premiere: Vancouver International Film Festival, Oct 2005
  • Leo Film Festival, Vancouver, April 2006
    • Leo Nomination: Female Performance
    • Leo Nomination: Production Design
  • Yorkton International Film Festival, May 2006
    • Yorkton Golden Sheaf Nomination: Best Short Drama
    • Golden Sheaf Craft Award: Direction – fiction
    • Emerging Filmmaker Award
  • Female Eye Film Festival, June 2006
    • Female Eye Film Festival Nomination: Best Short
  • Mas Sorrer Short Film Festival, Spain, July 2006
    • People’s Choice Award
  • Vladivostok International Film Festival, Russia, August 2006
  • Northwest International Film Festival, Portalnd OR, Nov 2006
    • Best of the Northwest Tour 2007
  • Various television broadcasts


Writer, Director, Producer: Ana Valine

Cinematographer: Stephen Maier

Location Sound: Chris Duesterdiek

Sound Design: Rylan Kerbes

Picture Edit: Lisa Binkley & Lisa J Robison

Music: Jann Arden & Russell Broom