Today is Marlene’s Day

I’m up late writing on a little project and thinking about Marlene’s debut this evening. As much as I’m ready for it, I’m nervous and excited and all of those things that happen when our blood and guts are strewn out for public display.

We are up for Best Canadian Feature, Best BC Film and BC Emerging Director. Saturday I am off to the Busan International Film Festival as we are nominated in the Flash Forward program.

It’s been a wild ride.

Here we are: Amber, Dakota, Paloma and I at the VIFF Opening Gala. Tonight, Wednesday, October 1 will be the first screening for us all; cast & crew, family & friends and VIFF audiences. Suzanne is shooting another feature and has sent a lovely note that she will be with us in spirit. And does Marlene have a spirit!

Must get back to writing and get a nap in before the sun rises. It’s a magical time….