viff 2007 completed – “Nightmare on Cambie Street”

The home town festival has been over now for a couple of weeks and it feels like I am just now coming out of the dark. It was a wild and wonderful time, saturated with movies, friends and new acquaintances. Quite a few interviews with “Nightmare” – guess it’s a bit of a raw nerve here in town, as it should be. DVDs are on sale at Black Dog on Cambie now in case you want your own souvenir copy. Check out the press link at the top right of this page for articles in the Sun and Courier – also some great moments with Rick Cluff on CBC’s Early Edition, Global News, Breakfast Television, Shaw’s Express, Nik and Val on CFUN, Co-op Radio and more. Wonderful opportunities to talk about the film and Cambie situation.  For details on interviews, Google “Nightmare on Cambie Street”.

Thanks to all of you who came out and supported the film on a busy Thanksgiving weekend.