Vancouver International Film Festival Screenings – Nightmare on Cambie Street

Nightmare on Cambie Street tells disturbing, dark tale of life during Canada Line construction

A day in the life of a community on the brink…

Vancouver, BC – September 5, 2007 – Shot in a single day, Nightmare on Cambie Street, is a short (15 minute) darkumentary premiering at the Vancouver International Film Festival on October 6 and 7. A gritty, in the dirt short, it examines the uncomfortable reality of a tightly knit neighbourhood being torn apart due to RAV Line construction. Written, directed and produced by Vancouver’s Ana Valine, it marks her third consecutive short film at the VIFF. Shot on a shoestring budget, guerrilla style, Valine paid for it on her credit card.

The darkumentary stars disillusioned Cambie Village residents, the City Engineer, and an angry man who swears animatedly at the camera about the upheaval. There is also a cameo appearance by TV personality Zack Spencer, with a special guest appearance by Mayor, Sam Sullivan. Filmmaker, Ana Valine says she chose the topic after experiencing for herself the woes of Vancouver commuters.

“Cambie Village was once a thriving community and now it’s a ghost town. The construction is creating intense discord, so I wanted to talk to people on the street and understand what they’re going through. I was really surprised to hear just how bad things are for businesses and the people who live there. I hope the film is able to shed some light on the subject and create awareness about the situation. This is really a darkumentary about the price of progress.”


Progress. Economic Growth. Expansion. These are the reasons. Who pays the price? It’s an awkward fit in a neighbourhood full of friendly Mom & Pop shops. As the construction racket begins and the City’s plans go awry, the tunnel boring work is forced above ground and the mood turns black. Attempting to hold onto the optimism that things will work out for the best, the residents and shop owners watch helplessly as their favourite neighbourhood turns into a ghost town. Deserted and depleted, Cambie Street is dark now, even in the middle of the day.

And so our city changes and expands like a petri dish experiment, not always pretty and not always graceful. Welcome to the Canada Line construction zone.

Screening dates:

Saturday October 6 & Sunday October 7, 2007

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